About Palo Mutual

Palo Mutual is a mutual insurance company serving Northeastern Minnesota. We were founded in 1912 by a group of farmers who were unable to find insurance from other insurance companies.

Palo Mutual was founded on the premise of neighbor helping neighbor. It is community based, owned by its policyholders and led by a board of directors which is elected from among the policyholders. We are a Minnesota based company investing in our area by hiring local people, supporting local agents, investing in local banks and paying local taxes.

Nearly one million Minnesotans come to count on the security and protection township mutual insurance brings. They depend on their township mutual insurance company to protect their homes, farms, cabins and personal property.

All of this grew out of a basic concept of people pitching in to help each other when disaster struck…people helping people. It’s an idea as old as civilization itself and it’s the concept behind Palo Mutual Insurance Company!



Minnesota Association of Farm Mutual Insurance Companies - MAFMIC

National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies - NAMIC

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